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All this time it was owned by Lien Huynh of Huynh Thi Kim Lien, it was hosted by Zhou Pizhong and Linode LLC.

Click here to proceed to Thom's book See what other people say about us - watch and read the Testimonials of clients from all over the globe. – Rap Monster, “When I was in the middle school I was an honor student, and I also the type of person who wanted to be class president but I got into the company and my life as a trainee started. Before entering the company I also had a result to be able the enter the 1st of the top of the nation, but after, I fell to 2nd~3rd.” 11. He was so bad at dancing so his dance teacher and the company staff called him that. [Arirang Pops In Seoul Ep 2724] – Jungkook, “Rap Monster and i were trying to come up with new lyrics, but couldn’t. Rap Monster woke me up in the middle of the night because he came up with the idea for the lyrics. So Suga push and ask him to stoped because Suga got embarrassed. Jungkook About Rap Monster wrote ‘Can you Turn Off your Phone’ lyrics song in Dark and Wild Album. ”“In 2011 I made a song by myself and at the very end of the song, there was a part when I had to yell out ‘Rap Monster’. He had a possible path because he was good at studying. Q) If you had a compare Rap Monster to non human, what would they be? I think the leader Rap Monster-hyung looks like a fox. All members of BTS got disappointed bcoz Rap Mon won playing scissor-paper-stone for taking group picture on Twitter because they must lifted Rap Mon who has heaviest weight than the others. Rap Mon said that he and GOT7 Jackson are good friends, and said Jackson is very handsome and really good at dancing. Truthfully, this connects with the lyrics of “No More Dream” – when he was studying, he had no dreams.

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