Girls find me intimidating

Find that your crush is suddenly mentioning David Foster Wallace and the Higgs boson and obscure art house documentaries for no reason in particular? If not, you can gently sway the conversation towards something a little more quotidian. Image source:i Stock This one is a little tricky, since pulling out a phone is usually considered a blaring siren of disinterest.But think of all the times that you've used your phone as a crutch in a situation where you feel a little bit out of your comfort zone--it's happened a lot, right?So they are around because you want (not need) them.

Some women may even be embarrassed by their level of sexual experience.

This means a woman that can out run them, lift more than them, or man handle them down in a full body wrestle, or arm wrestle.

Their male ego leaves them intimidated, but so what strong is the new sexy.

Men are also intimidated when women make either more money than them.

They like being more financially dominant, and fear any woman who challenges that status.

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An independant woman often frightens men, and that's okay.

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