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But there was, according to William, another purpose beyond the pleasure-seeking moments.'She understood there was a real life outside of Palace walls and she wanted us to see it from a very young age,' he tells the documentary, recalling visits to The Passage, a centre for the homeless in Westminster when he was only 12.What is so remarkable about the film is the profound impact the princess has in influencing their lives to this day.Diana remains in his thoughts on a daily basis and provides strength and inspiration when he needs her, he said.Of his wedding, he said: ‘I did really feel that she was there …Harry grew up thinking that 'not having a mum was normal', adding: 'The ten years I was in the Army I just sort of dug my head in the sand and it was just white noise.' Now, William says he is instilling those memories of his mother in his own children.Indeed, it is fascinating that the prince uses the phrase 'Granny Diana' more than once.

For Diana, nothing was too much trouble for the boys she adored, from exotic holidays to elaborate treats.Princess Diana once arranged supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford to show up at Kensington Palace in September 1996 as Prince William came home from school showing a magical sense of mischief But for William nothing quite summed up her magical sense of mischief like the day in September 1996 when he came home from school to find the most glamorous and famous women in the world, supermodels Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington and Cindy Crawford, at the top of the stairs at Kensington Palace.For the blushing young teenager, it was the fulfilment of every schoolboy's fantasy.For Harry remarks: 'Our mother was a total kid through and through.' She possessed a 'crazy laugh [which] was just pure happiness.'Above all, she led her life on the principle of the importance of having a free spirit. 'She was one of the naughtiest parents,' Harry says.Greetings cards, the smuttier the better, were another Diana favourite.'She was a massive card writer,' says William. Usually she found something very embarrassing, a very funny card and then wrote very nice stuff inside.'But I dared not open it in case the teachers or anyone else in the class had seen it.' It was all part of her determination as a mother that they enjoyed as normal a life as possible.

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