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Its helped a I'm going to take it easy on love for a while- I've got plenty to keep me busy for the next few months. The longer we went, the more I knew I was lying to myself, the more she felt me distant, the more painful the break up was going to be. I have had only incomplete pieces at any given time- where the attraction was powerful but the love absent, where I've loved them but they didn't love me back, where we loved each other but had too many other problems (poor communication, no understanding, conflicting goals, bad timing, etc), where there was caring and affection and kindness and friendship but not that special feeling of being in love. it's odd, wanting to help comfort someone when i'm wondering why the hell my ex couldn't love me back. you must be hurting like my gf is and asking questions. Having been the dumpee and the dumper, I guess the question we have in common is, why? We haven't talked things through (feelings haven't grown to 'love') and I'm not sure talking would really help.

Missing someone is a feeling and sometimes we have to realize we have to let some feelings go, and let things play out like they are suppose to.I know she loves me, i'm not looking for evidence of that.I simply want to be helpful to her if I can be and I don't want to block her out if doing so woudl be hurtful to her.Hi all, I just broke up with my girlfriend- it had been coming- I had been unhappy for some time and we both knew it.It started with a lot of promise, we had a great time and slowly I started realizing that I was unsatisfied and that the feeling was growing stronger rather than weaker. But immediately we gave it a second chance and tried to make it work.

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__________________ fng ------------------------------------------------- I'm gonna break these chains around my broken heart.

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