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Nor was Mr Brown’s mood improved by the Obama team’s decision to downgrade plans for a joint Press conference in the White House Rose Garden to a so-called ‘pool spray’ – a brief and awkward appearance together in the cramped Oval Office.It wasn’t all bad news: Mr Brown’s address to Congress was a success.Notebooks and tape recorders were banned at the off-the-record briefing, but The Mail on Sunday, which was not present, has obtained an account of what happened from witnesses. ’ When another journalist tried to defuse the situation, Mr Brown refused to be diverted.Gordon Brown gets checked over for stray hairs upon arrival in Washington Tipped off that the reporters planned to ambush him over the apology issue, jacketless Mr Brown was determined to get his retaliation in first. ‘No, let’s sort this out now, let’s have it out now,’ he said, jabbing his finger.With this being said, this does not mean that you should rule out being able to get a credit card.While it is true that you may have fewer credit card options – there are still some providers that will issue you a new card.The White House was surprised to learn there were reports in the UK that Mr Obama had snubbed him and went out of its way to praise Mr Brown. The Tories have launched a ‘make Gordon say sorry’ website.

If you are currently living with bad credit, yet still require additional credit, it is important to know what your options are.A suitable credit card that is popular in North America, yet what my research tells me is that it is not available in Australia at this time – is Secured credit card.Secured/Guaranteed Credit Cards Although at this time, Secured cards are unavailable in this part of the world, there are cards that are similar to the secured card. Both of these cards offer an easier approval rate, which typically does not require a credit check.” That is the question Gordon Brown asks every time someone suggests he ought to say sorry.’ The row started when Mr Brown spoke to newsmen on his flight to Washington on Monday evening. ’ When one reporter asked why he had let banks get out of control, Mr Brown leaned towards him and said: ‘You’re saying I got it wrong? The same problems have happened all over the world and our regulations have been better than anyone else’s. People are saying it is my fault and that I caused the recession. That has not happened under me.’ Asked why he had not stopped the housing bubble, Mr Brown retorted: ‘House prices were high because of a lack of supply.’ Pressed to admit he had made mistakes, he said: ‘No, it was supply.Showing a combination of anger and passion never seen in his public appearances, he explained why he will not say sorry for the banking collapse. If inflation is low, people are going to borrow money to buy houses. You don’t understand it.’ At one point the man from the Labour-supporting Guardian threw him a lifeline saying: ‘Can I just make it clear we aren’t all saying that?

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