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During the first day of the conference, I was kind of distracted.My mind kept drifting to drinks with Paul after the last session.As Paul and I got to know each other through the chat room, we found out that we actually didn't live too far apart.We never talked about actually meeting because we both admitted these were just fantasies that would probably never be acted upon.I could live out my fantasies through the imaginative stories of others.

After all, it was over 25 years since I had a bi experience.He was 6'5" around 250 pounds, a big guy with salt and pepper hair, deep blue eyes and wearing a perfectly tailored dark blue, pin striped suit. We meet in an Internet sex chat room and here we were, sitting in a bar having a beer with each other.We were on our second beer when we started to relax and began to discuss why we went into the chat rooms. 200 pounds, brown but graying hair, in my late 40's with a wonderful wife and 2 grown children. I work out regularly but I'm carrying a few more pounds than I should, but who isn't at this age?My wife and I are empty nesters and our sex life hasn't been that great for a while now.

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I never planned on acting upon those desires; it was just a fantasy. I would role play in various rooms based upon my mood and eventually drifted over to the Cock 4 Cock room out of curiosity and that's where I met Paul.

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