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Alex and James Earl Jones gently float towards -- EXT. CHARLIE (CONT'D) Who grew up into three very different women. -- At a ballroom dance competition, Alex wows the crowd while keeping her eye on a nefarious couple.

JAMES EARL JONES Another movie from an old TV show? She gives James Earl Jones a wink, then jerks Pasqual's rip cord and -- WHOOMPH. He flies upward, leaving -- Alex and James Earl Jones, both still falling. It's actually a tiny drogue chute, deploying his entire dashiki. Alex pulls her own rip cord and -- WHOOMPH -- her chute unfurls, and now... Now, FIREBALL EXPLOSIONS completely fill the screen. She pushes back a bookcase to reveal secret stairs.

He continues into the first class cabin and toward -- CHARLIE'S ANGELS - 8/18/99 2.

He hands it to Pasqual, who opens it to find diamonds. They each take a glass, turn to each other and raise them.

CHAD'S CRAPPY BOAT - DAY Blinded by the daylight, Dylan emerges from below, relieved to see the boat is docked.

by Ed Solomon and John August current revisions by Zak Penn EARLY DRAFT August 11, 1999 CHARLIE'S ANGELS - 8/18/99 FADE IN: EXT. JAMES EARL JONES (or actually, a James Earl Jones type, who for ease of description, we'll simply refer to as James Earl Jones) steps out of the restroom, in full African regalia: multi-colored dashiki, mufti (it's a kind of hat), the works.

THE BIG BLUE SKY - DAY A VIRGIN AIR 747 bursts through the clouds and levels off. VIRGIN AIR 747 - DAY We move through the FIRST CLASS CABIN. He heads up the aisle towards -- THE FIRST CLASS CABIN Where he is stopped by a -- FLIGHT ATTENDANT I'm sorry, sir.

It's the regular mix of first class people: OLD MONEY in Gucci enjoying freshly baked cookies, a MILLIONAIRE in jeans and a T- shirt, BUSINESS PEOPLE relaxing after a tough day, and...

Then we continue moving into -- THE COACH SECTION Stopping at the lavatory, the "OCCUPIED" sign switches to "VACANT" and...

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