How often see each other when first dating someone

If so, he's going to be very tired during the week for sure. I'd say once a week dates is a good start for 5 weeks. If after 3 months, he's not upping things, you'll have to have a talk with him. Just say you like him, you enjoy his company and then tell him what you are hoping for for yourself with someone at some point. If you like getting texts and being asked out because it shows he cares, then he probably feels the same way about you.Maybe at the end of one of your weekend dates (or whenever you meet up), suggest getting together sometime during the week (pick a specific day) and see what he says.I think its a good indication of how much he likes me and how proactive he is (I don't want a man who is too lazy to plan a date). He's planned all our dates except the one I asked him out on. 3 months to me seems like a long time to still be sussing someone out...But you're right I think maybe I need to give him a bit more encouragement b/c I did make a comment one night saying "I think you might be too nice for me", lol. I was thinking of having a talk with him and saying that I'm not sure what he's looking for but I am looking to eventually date and be in a relationship with someone, that I want to see him more often and that I like getting texts etc..I'm not sure how to phrase this without sounding completely needy. Well, do you know what his job schedule looks like? By 3 months I think we should already know if we are sort of semi serious or not no?I understand what you are saying, but I suppose my thoughts about dating are a little more traditional.I let the man lead in the beginning and see how much effort he puts into dating me. And I also want to make sure that I like him more before we become serious and I make an investment, which I feel I can only come to know if we see each other more frequently.Does he work long hours and/or at a physical/outdoor job? losangelena, I initiated 1 of the 5 dates.I have also initiated the texting somtimes.

I'm the same way as you—I like to get a constant stream of attention if I'm dating a guy, but also I think that can be a bit unrealistic. They need encouragement sometimes.losangelena, I initiated 1 of the 5 dates.I have also initiated the texting somtimes.

I don't think guys like having to be the ones to do all the work.

If you want to meet more than once a week, I'd make your wishes be known.

There’s nothing that anyone can do about what goes on in your head about your new dating adventure, but the goal is to keep those things from coming out.

Once those thoughts turn into actions, things go awry.

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I'm not sure if he's into me, keeping me on the side or is just scared to actually pursue me (he is quite a timid guy and when we were making out pointed out that he wasn't just looking for sex-he must have thought that I was only looking for a good time? It's all pretty lukewarm at the moment, but it's not enough for me to say No completely. Well, do you know what his job schedule looks like?

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