Html code for validating username and password

Or, if you have not yet created an account, go ahead and create one from the .

That means any hacker sniffing the network traffic can see the username and password.

It is a simple Java Script code to validate a login form . And Java Script used to run function for validating data. That is, you have to show error messages in same page without refreshing the page.

This code will check whether the length of name and password is greater than 6 or not and the letters typed in both password fields are same or not.

Similarly, you can use the Comment out the selected lines icon to comment out the selected code in the code-behind class.

To validate a user against the Membership framework, use the method into its equivalent encrypted or hashed state and then compares it with what was returned from the database.

If the password stored in the database matches the formatted password entered by the user, the credentials are valid.

Unfortunately, there is no built-in tool for unlocking a user account.

In order to unlock an account, you can modify the database directly - change the table for the appropriate user account - or create a web-based interface that lists locked out accounts with options to unlock them.

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