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If you are in a relationship where a guy does not want to give you his time, a date, or even make you his priority; then he is a loser.

The last thing that you want is to be the one giving all your time, effort, and energy in the relationship and you are getting nothing back.

If he does not have that or he is not willing to do that then he is a loser.

Out of the couples I have counseled I think so many women overlook this aspect when pairing themselves with a man.

When I was in a Facebook group about relationships I remember getting into a discussion with a man who did not have a job and did not have one for a long time.

And he tried to tell me that as a woman we should understand. I have been laid off from a job before (you can click here to read my blog on that) so I understand people lose their job. If a man has been unemployed for a long time, is not looking for a job, and/or does not want a job then he is a loser.

But a man who makes a lot of false promises or says he is going to do something but does not follow through is not a man.

If you are lost on what you deserve check out my blog on a woman worth more than rubies.

Of course if you have been dating for a week he may not want to meet important people in your life.

If a man is doing this to you then he is trying to make you feel bad about yourself so that he can control you.

A relationship should make you feel good about yourself not make you feel bad.

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