Interoffice dating rules

Thou shall continue to foster relationships and friendships by socializing with other coworkers.9.

Thou shall not fight, engage in baby talk, or use thy work computer to send naughty emails while on the clock.10.

They can be distractions during the work day, whether because of the couple fawning over own another or the gossip involved.

Thou shall treat office dating like ice cream: Indulge sparingly ... Don't give anyone a reason to think you're not trustworthy.5. Thou shall tell thy boss first, then thy coworkers.6.

Participants at the roundtable included representatives from public companies, public accounting firms, investor groups, and regulatory organizations. Prior to this roundtable discussion, the Board prepared and released a briefing paper on audit documentation that posed several questions to help identify the objectives - and the appropriate scope and form - of audit documentation.

In addition, the Board asked participants to address specific issues in practice relating to, among other things, changes in audit documentation after release of the audit report, essential elements and the appropriate amount of detail of audit documentation, the effect on audit documentation of a principal auditor's decision to use the work of other auditors, and retention of audit documentation.

Accordingly, the Board has made audit documentation a priority. Auditors support the conclusions in their reports with a work product called .

Audit documentation supports the basis for the conclusions in the auditor's report.

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