Interracial dating in korea

Couples holding hands, wearing matching outfit is a common sight.This is to show their affection and closeness to one another.Unlike in the west where a woman hanging around with some men at a bar with live music and drinking might raised some red flags.How Koreans conduct their social life and what is acceptable for a Korean dating couple especially if you are a foreigner.It is common practice for friends, superiors or parents who introduce between couples.

This is perfectly normal and it's almost mandatory for co-workers or business associates to perform this obligation.

Most of the time, Korean women prefer dating Korean men simply because they are wary of the cultural barrier they would encounter when they date an expatriate.

Furthermore, a Korean woman dating a foreigner may be the subject of bad gossip and speculation.

The term 'dating' is very different from a Korean perspective.

Dating is unlike in the western countries where it is a casual social event to mix around with the opposite sex.

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