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If left unaddressed, disruptive behavior typically continues to escalate, resulting in negative consequences for the individual as well as others.Examples include yelling, using profanity, waving arms or fists, verbally abusing others, and refusing reasonable requests for identification.Bully Zero Australia Foundation delivers evidenced based workplace bullying prevention programs and we can customise a workplace bullying policy to ensure your organisation is compliant and is reflecting its legal obligations.The Victorian Parliament passed the Crimes Amendment bullying Act 2011, amending the Crimes Act 1958, section 21A (2) (d).

If you observe a pattern or change in behavior and attitude that causes you concern, please notify your supervisor.

The University does not tolerate any student, faculty member, administrator, or employee, acting individually or in concert with others, who clearly obstructs or disrupts any teaching, research, administrative, disciplinary, public service activity or any other workplace activity held on campus property.

The University prohibits retaliation against those who report or cooperate in the investigation of disruptive behavior, University Policy Manual P521 Disruptive Behavior Policy is inappropriate behavior that interferes with the functioning and flow of the workplace.

Employees should also refer incidents to their manager / supervisor.

Supervisors should consult with Human Resources and Labor Relations when dealing with disruptive behavior.

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includes physical actions short of actual contact/injury (e.g., moving closer aggressively), general oral or written threats to people or property ("You better watch your back" or "I'll get you") as well as implicit threats ("You'll be sorry" or "This isn't over").

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