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Ukyo returns back to his normal self and told her that she should forget what happened, warning her again that she shouldn't walk alone at night anymore, then walks away.Ukyo reappears on August 17, seeing the heroine with Kent.In this route, Ukyo introduces himself to the heroine on August 11, asking if she remembers him.He also asks the heroine whom she's dating and warns her that she should be careful not to get resented by anyone.He appears to know Shin, Ikki, Kent, and Toma even though they never interact with him that much.In this route, he was one of the witnesses during the Shinano incident and he re-visits with other witnesses to that same trip for three days to investigate. In one of the bad endings, if the Heroine spends the night with either Ukyo or Sawa at the villa, Ura Ukyo kills her with a knife.On his patterned sleeve, there is a black cloth wrapped around his upper bicep.Around Ukyo's waist is a black skirt with a diagonal cut, leaving it somewhat short on its left.

On his right, near the shoulders, there are three square-shaped silver studs attached to his jacket.Ukyo is a tall, slim young man with waist-length green hair and green eyes.His bangs fall freely over his face, down to his cheeks, as well as a long braid on the right side, held together using a white hairband. However, when taken over by his more maddened and twisted personality, Ukyo develops dark lines under his eyes and he tends to grin very widely.Over his head, he wears a black hat with a short brim. The band around the crown is patterned with black-and-white diamonds.He wears a wrinkled, somewhat unbuttoned brown shirt with a long, loosely tied black necktie around the collar, of which there is a silver pin down the middle.

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