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Beauty troops may have embraced it first, but foodies are now taking full advantage of Snapchat for its simplicity and ease.

Sharing super-quick, seconds-long video updates and pictures which expire after 24 hours (and sometimes after being viewed once) seems a little odd, right?Wahlberg is of Irish, English, Swedish and French Canadian ancestry and has gotten in trouble 20-25 times with the law growing up.He developed an addiction to cocaine when he was 13 and was thrown into jail when he was 16.His wife died at just 39 as the hardship and struggle to feed their eight children took its toll, and it was 15 years after his return before he was granted proper employment, driving a horse and cart for a steamboat company at the docks.'The teachers would let you know that you didn't belong,' said Mr Reid, who now lives in Balbriggan, Co Dublin.'They would have been very pro-Republican and they made a point of singling you out because you weren't really Irish, you betrayed the country.''The thing that he did regret was the lives lost in the war.

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