Jbl d130f speaker dating

The cone is custom made for us to fit the new height of the voice coil and spider assembly. Unfortunately, the vintage cone pulp formula is no longer available.

The modern pulp is very close in consistency, resulting in an excellent cone in weight, strength and resonant frequency.

We started with the voice coil, custom made for Sound Speaker

The voice coil is flat wire wound / edge wound, with aluminum wire, wound on a Nomex former.

This is the same Moyen RS-3087 adhesive that is shipped with original JBL recone kits and re-packaged for Sound Speaker

Centering Shim: A voice coil centering shim is included.

This JBL D130, Pro Parts 16 ohm reproduction recone kit is absolutely the finest recone kit for the JBL D130 available anywhere. It is complete and comes with every thing you need to recone this speaker yourself. JBL no longer makes a recone kit for the JBL D130 with a paper surround.

Using this jig to assemble the D130 recone kits ensures the spider and cone are set to the exact proper depth to put the voice coil in dead center to the magnets top plate every time, giving you the most efficient speaker possible after reconing.

We use only top grade cyanoacrylate adhesive for the coil to spider joint and spider to cone joint resulting in a superior light weight bound that will hold up with years of use.

Dust Cap: We use an aftermarket aluminum dust cap for this kit.

If you have JBL or an authorized JBL repair shop recone your JBL D130, they will use a recone kit for a E130 that has a cloth m-roll surround.

The E130 kit will gives your classic D130 the sound of a modern E130.

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