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, the Carthaginian gold market was situated in Morocco.On this historical basis, an ancient legend relates that some five centuries before the Carthaginian expansion, in the days of Solomon and the Phoenicians, the Hebrews came to Sala (Chella) in the vicinity of Salé (Rabat) in order to purchase gold in large quantities.The most brilliant period of the Jews of Morocco from the spiritual and intellectual point of view belongs to the reigns of the Idrisids and their successors.The numerous departures for Spain drained neither the strength of Moroccan Jewry nor its intellectual activity. Isaac Alfasi from Fez for Cordoba (1088), Judaism in Morocco retained its vigor.

The Jews, together with those whom they succeeded in converting, appear to have originally been numerous and particularly powerful.

Their dispersion in all the regions was one of the principal reasons for their economic strength at the time.

The story goes that the inhabitants of Fez revolted against the ruler Yaḥya (860), who had violated the chastity of a Jewish girl.

The great Arabic historian of the 14 century, Ibn Khaldūn, names a number of large Moroccan Berbertribes who were converted to Judaism prior to the Arab conquest.

These were the Fandalāwqa, Madyūna, Bahlūla, Ghiyāta, and Bazāz tribes.

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