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Kurt Hummel (husband)Unnamed daughter Unnamed father Pam Anderson (mother)Cooper Anderson (brother) Unnamed mother-in-law✝Burt Hummel (father-in-law)Carole Hudson-Hummel (stepmother-in-law)Finn Hudson (stepbrother-in-law)✝Rachel Berry (surrogate) Kurt Hummel (husband)Jeremiah (former crush)Rachel Berry (kissed, one date: ended)Sebastian Smythe (former crusher)Eli.

C (one-night stand)Sam Evans (former crush)Tina Cohen-Chang (former crusher)David Karofsky (ex-boyfriend)Kurt Hummel Sam Evans Tina Cohen-Chang Artie Abrams Marley Rose Mercedes Jones Rachel Berry Finn Hudson Ryder Lynn Jake Puckerman Brittany Pierce Rory Flanagan Santana Lopez Quinn Fabray Unique Adams Noah Puckerman New Directions June Dolloway The Warblers Elliott Gilbert Sebastian Smythe Blaine Devon Anderson is a major character on Glee.

While waiting for his friend's dad to pick them up, he and his friend were jumped by three homophobic bullies and were beaten mercilessly.

Blaine then decided to transfer to Dalton because of their zero-tolerance bullying policy and has soon gained a lot more confidence since.

After doing this a second time, Kurt invites Mercedes to a dinner with Blaine at Breadstix where Blaine reveals a little about himself, such as his love for Vogue, his stance on politics involving the gay community Baby, It's Cold Outside, and his love for college football.

Just after he came out, he attended a Sadie Hawkins dance with a friend who was the only other openly gay student at his school.The Warblers went on to perform Hey, Soul Sister at Sectionals and tied for first place with the New Directions.While Kurt studies in one of the commons, Blaine pops in and tells him that he is studying too much and convinces Kurt to help him rehearse a duet he is doing for an off-campus performance.Kurt lets him know that he and Blaine are just friends, but admits that he is in love with him.After practicing a sassy number of Bills, Bills, Bills with the Warblers for Regionals, Blaine and Kurt have coffee with Rachel and Mercedes at The Lima Bean.

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