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Roy makes clear her objections about Snowden cradling the US flag in the profile, but then counters that by saying that she likes that there have been cases of conscientious defectors within the US armed forces, which is unthinkable in India.

Roy establishes her political differences with Daniel Ellsberg (who outed the Pentagon Papers in the '60s) as well as the irony of Snowden being holed up in Russia, which has a terrible record when it comes to free speech.

Snowden ponders that all it needs is a second 9/11 to turn the US into a police state and see a lot more detentions and discrimination against people who are non-white.Takeaways Cusack, Roy and Ellsberg raise a lot of questions without providing any solution as such.Some of the topics being discussed could easily make up another book — a franchise if you will.Which just makes it equally saddening that the Snowden conversations have not got any play in the book.The conversation-essay (format) breaks the monotony, and you could as well start non-linearly and still have a grip on the book.

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