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The average law school student’s LSAT score range for those applying to an Arkansas law school, according to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, is between 152 to 154. Exam content The Arkansas State Bar Exam is administered over two days.Back to Top Application process When you have passed the LSAT, you are ready to apply to the ABA-approved law schools of your choice. You will take the MPT on the first day, followed by the MEE. The MPT consists of a “lawyering task” involving a file and a library.Schools may offer pre-law minors or pre-law advisors to help you choose the proper courses, minors and majors to facilitate your entrance into law school after graduation.Coursework that has been shown to be helpful to getting into law school includes: Degree Options Just as the ABA does not designate which coursework you should take in your pre-law curriculum, nor does it specify a major – simply the fact that you need at least a bachelor’s degree to enter an ABA-approved law school.

Accreditation The Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners specifies that you must be a graduate of a United States ABA-accredited law school in order to take the state’s bar exam. Attach a cashier’s check or money order for 0 payable to the Clerk of The Supreme Court when you mail in your application and supporting documentation.

Additionally, when you supply the LSAC with names of persons who are going to write recommendation letters and online evaluations to help you get into law school, the LSAC will contact them on your behalf and coordinate the receipt of these important documents. If you graduated from an Arkansas ABA-approved law school, you need not file this form, as those schools will certify your graduation directly to the Bar.

The LSAC charges 5 for you to use the Credential Assembly Service (payable online through your LSAC account). You must also complete the Character Questionnaire portion of the application.

If you take the MPRE in another jurisdiction, it is your responsibility to have your scores transferred to the Bar of Arkansas.

Admission on Motion Another alternative for admission to the State Bar of Arkansas is Admission on Motion.

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The Arkansas State Board of Law Examiners specifies that you must graduate from an ABA-approved law school, but that it does not necessarily need to be located in Arkansas – just in the United States. Your abilities of factual analysis, legal analysis, legal reasoning, problem solving, identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas, written communication, and organization and management of a legal task will be tested on the MPT.

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