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Developing a nuclear warhead-tipped ICBM capable of reaching the U. gives North Korea a credible deterrence against being invaded, something Kim and his government have long feared the U. Kim and his government have launched their own infamously creative insults.

Kim and Trump may share an affinity for name-calling and nuclear weapons, but their similarities don't seem to extend far past that.

In July, North Korea tested its first intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

This historic achievement was followed earlier this month by North Korea's sixth and by far most powerful nuclear weapons test. Trump has threatened to "unleash fire and fury like the world has never seen" and "totally destroy" North Korea.

Real Name: Justin Drew Bieber Born: 1 March 1994 Height: 5' 9" / 1.75 m Star Sign: Pisces Birthplace: London, Ontario, Canada Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia, USA Did you know?

Aged 12, Justin came second in a singing competition in Stratford, Ontario.

She's believed to be a few years younger than her 33-year-old husband and was first revealed to be Kim's wife by North Korea's state-run media in July 2012, days after previously appearing beside Kim at a concert held for the upper echelons of North Korean society and among officials at what would later prove to be her father-in-law's funeral in 2011.

Ri's sudden, unannounced presence next to Kim prompted mass speculation about her identity in foreign media, and while many questions remain unanswered, experts have done their best to paint a biographical picture of North Korea's first lady.

of presidents appearing in the public eye with their wives and Trump is certainly no exception. president North Korea's ruling family, however, has been far less forthcoming about the romantic relationships of its leaders, and the dynasty's newest leader is actually the first to bring his partner, Ri Sol Ju, into the immense spotlight shone by the country on its supreme leader.Kim, however, has gone out of his way to appeal to younger generations, not that they had a choice in leadership.Still, on July 2, 2014, supreme leader Kim organized a swimming contest among his navy's top brass, a move Madden said was designed to bind him with younger soldiers, who saw their usually highly-decorated superiors in nothing but their bathing suits taking orders from an obese Kim.Activists wear face masks of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and his wife, Ri Sol Ju (L), as they "beg" for money during an anti-Pyongyang rally urging North Korea to abandon nuclear weapons in Seoul, on January 31, 2013.Like Melania Trump, the North Korean first lady has been subject to scorn because of her husband's nuclear-fueled rhetoric.

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In 2010, Justin guest starred in TV show CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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