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[ 612, -76] It's become a legendary story in the 8th division of the investigation unit. [ 643, -24] Lee Joon: Idols are an animal kingdom.7. I was a Kang Ta fan and I remember crying and crying when I first found out they were dating ㅋ8.But there are a lot of things I want to still do right now. so it goes without saying that he probably has experience dating fellow celebrities and he confessed that he did.But I don't think that big of an age gap is really that much of a good thing.

He was a guest on the July 15 episode of tv N's 'Taxi', and he confessed, "It'd be a lie if I said I wasn't jealous of Tony hyung, since his girlfriend is pretty young.

member Kangta says Victoria of f(x) is his ideal type Instagram/an_chil_hyun South Korean singer Kangta has opened up about his love life. He said: "Victoria appeared in one of my music videos before she made her debut.

I hope you would keep in touch with me like before."In 2013, during an appearance on China Shenzhen's popular variety program Generation Show, Kangta gushed about Victoria.

Therefore, we chose to break up." "At that time, I was really sad too. But whenever I think I will join the army, I couldn't open all my heart as I want to.

I'm the kind of person who has been separated once, I even can’t have a thought of having a new love".

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During an episode of JTBC's Please Take Care of My Refrigerator, Kangta said: "My last relationship was three years ago. Since I haven't been dating, I think my love cells are dying."Adding on, during the show he was asked about his ideal type, Victoria of f(x). Ever since I've said this on broadcast, she's distanced herself from me. Her number has changed."Kangta continued: "If I may explain, what I'm saying is that she resembles my ideal girl.

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