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Within a week after constant chatting, he began to say to my mum that he loved her and he wanted to get married and ready to travel overseas to Asia in order to make the real meeting happen and planned to bring my mum to America to live with him. Alfred or whatever his name is professed his love to me. He can be threatening and he told me I know more about you than you think I know. I talked to a scam hunter and she said they target women from 40 to 70 or so years old and make no excuse you are a target and they want one thing - MONEY. Let's take way there income as well as they don't give a damm about us. He needed money for his daughter Melissa in boarding school in New York and now the oil rigg is on fire (well the picture of the fire dated 2012) and he needed money again. I have done so, reported the email he sends out along with a photo. He’s now living with his travel agent and family after I paid for his hotel bill of 00. Says age does not matter as I told him I am 65 years old. Beware It is difficult to say if any of us have been in contact with these two as they change their names to suit the situation.

At first my mum told me about him and I thought he was a real and genuine person who was searching for real love through the Internet but boy, I was feeling suspicious when my mum showed me their conversations that this guy was in the middle of big project and its worth millions of dollars in China and Nigeria but he needs some money to release some stuff that he ordered for the offshore project. This after I kiddingly told him I can read him like a book. Mostly they use stolen images of hamesome white men mostly but they are Nigerian males and they are learning how to do this sometimes for years. They call you terms of indearment to soften you with words like Baby, Honey, Dear, and Sweety. Some other guy tried to scam me and after confessing to me that most men do that there because there are no jobs for them, and we became friends. He told me that Nigeria police is going after these scammers and now putting then into jail thanks to USA government being involved. She text and said her dad loved me and could she call me mom. He should at least be removed from LINKEDIN so he cannot access women from that business source. He says he is 48 years old, lost his wife and baby at childbirth. Words with Friends is a popular place for these freaks to find women.

He said that he will return the money with interest lol.. If they were real do you think Shell /Exxon/Chevron or BP would be asking a woman for help. Call Facebook and tell the police and report them to all the anti scam places. To Carol with words with friends, your post said that you hired a private investigator for 6.00 to check out a scammer in Nigeria. Would you mind letting me know that private investigator's email address. Short of alerting every woman on the planet, I sure do not know of a way to shut them down. However, they would not be successful at what they do because so many are willing to engage them and send them money.

Ok to make it short, he showed my mum his "fake contract" for the oil rig offshore project and some of his "fake flight ticket" From USA to China and to Nigeria. When is the last time the state government or hospitals texted you for help. Do not stop as they are not your friend or Lover and they are not real. No wonder Nigerians want to scam people in the USA and Canada. I can post my email address to you if it is necessary. And we all want to find a common thread to see if we were scammed by the same one.

A widow, two grown children, German accent and called me baby. One is supposedly military and the other is supposedly civilian with the military so not all are on an oil rig. Photoshopped his face on a pic of a guy on a rig, exact same pic, just his face. Anybody know Derrick Williams as he was my scammer and I talked to him for about a month, then it finally came out before that the conversation was great first but he had asked me for two i Tune cards for and I told him no, so we never mentioned that again.

The name he used then was Larry Doswell and he contacted me through Plenty of Fish. I found the fake/stolen photos on "Scamhaters" facebook page. If you send pictures, be very careful what is in the background. We just had conversations on Hangouts web page and Gmail.

my email is [email protected] write this on behalf of my mum's experience. What if the whole country of Nigeria came to us wanting money because that is what they are doing with the oil rig scam. It is our money and our hearts and they are not real. every woman (every individual) deserves TRUE happiness, not false fantasies. Could someone "in the know" please email me at [email protected]?

He begged my mum to lend him money and even if my mum didnt have it then he asked her to borrow the loan from the bank. They have mules all over the place to convert the money and resend it. Met him on Match and quickly asked to communicate off the site. Probably some loser in Nigeria or other scamming organization location! Here is the latest and last information on Alfred Busta. Then hangouts is their next method of communications for most of then. Because to read the stories, you would think it is only one guy using different identities but the same freaking story.Have her call Shell/Exxon/BP/CHEVRON and talk to a leader in the company An acquaintance of mine in Nigeria was harassed by the local police and was thrown in jail, for several hours, forced to pay the corrupt police to get released from jail. Sad as some of those they are targeting are not the ones scamming they are the ones trying to just survive. First he said he was in Nigeria to shore up his parents' estate, and now claims he is in Vietnam. It is actually becoming therapy for me in my journey to recover and pick up the pieces my scammer left behind.Extracting money from those who have little themselves. I hate the fact that Trump welcomes the POS that runs NIGERIA to the white House. He Writes my mom flowing emails full of promises and wants only money. I am finding that the sun is shining again, I can hear the birds singing and see that the skies are more blue as I come out of the pain my scammer caused and I allowed.It happened to me and I saw the truth and he is gone now. We video chatted, so I saw the real person, I thought. Just updating everyone that BLAKE ROBERTS is still deep in scamming my 81 year old mother. I am smart enough to read logistics and ask for coordinates. Needs money for equipment for his pump or cards for sell calls. He said he was in the states in Washington, DC then had to go to the Pacific Ocean to do drilling for Morison oil company. I urge everyone to check them out on FB and join the fight to stop these evil individuals.These scammers have many women they talk to at the same time and show her the real truth before they take all the money and they are laughing all the way to the bank. Has a daughter named Alondra who calls me mom, wife left both of them, needed money for his computer, phone broke, needs air fare home. I cannot make her see reason or understand that he's a scammer. BLOCK BLOCKBAD NEWS LADY Anyone pretends to use his daughter is a sick person. First thing caught my eye was the spelling of Morrison. We must band together and do something to end this madness.

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