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The Europeans began to arrive in 1498, beginning with the Portuguese and the voyage of Vasco da Gama, but they were met with resistance and unable to establish a permanent settlement.

The British landed in Kenya in 1888, with the Imperial British East Africa Company, but they faced conflict with the nearby German colonies.

Major Cities of Kenya Geography Kenya is located in northeastern Africa, situated along the equator, with the coastline along the Indian Ocean to the southeast.

The major features of Kenya's terrain include mountain ranges, divided by the Great Rift Valley, and coastal plains.

The colony became a British protectorate as British East Africa in 1895, and was made into a colony in 1920, calling it Kenya.

Kenya is located in the Africa Great Lakes region, and its main lakes include Lake Turkana, Lake Magadi, Lake Natron, and part of Lake Victoria.The Chimu civilization extended along the Peruvian coast to where Ecuador begins, with its empire brought down by the Incas in around 1475, just a few decades after the sacrifice at Las Llamas."Until now, the largest mass child sacrifice event for which we have physical evidence is the ritual murder and interment of 42 children at Templo Mayor in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan," National Geographic said, referring to what is modern-day Mexico City.Text 'NEWS' to 22840 and always receive verified news updates."I, for one, never expected it," Verano told the magazine of the sacrifice site, known to the researchers as "Las Llamas." "And I don't think anyone else would have, either," he added.

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