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I know granny made you your crumble cake and you and papaw are enjoying it. May God give you all peace and lighten your pain in this troubled time.

Every summer when we (the Dwires) drove out to NM for summer vacation at our grandparents, we always spent time at the Godec's house in Hurley.

I am so graceful growing up as kid having great friends as you and Claudia. Welcome home to Kingdome of the father dear friend. Mike was one of the hardest working people I have ever known. In the days/nights long ago we all had many fun times.

He was a member of the Hi Sky Rc club when asked to do something for the club he was the first to volunteer . Well over at least 35-40 yes ago,at the home on Aylford St. Many, many great times at Carlos, and our birthdays getting to sit on bar stool and drink a coke, this is about 1960!!!

I remember how pleasant he was and his great sense of humor.

I had the pleasure and good fortune to meet my Great Uncle Marvin on one of his visits to his sister (my Granny) Marvel Scott.

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My most fervent prayers continue for you today and always. So sweet that they got to meet up again that soon after all these years. Sincerely, Patsy Salgado and Olivia Primera Dear Gilligan & family, I’m so sorry to hear about the tragic death of your dear son Lonnie.

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