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However it is reported that in some cases people are subscribed without their permission (and sometimes due to a previous holder of a recycled number being subscribed).

Note that the initial advertisement for the service must contain the provider name, and your phone service provider must also provide this information on request."] Given the amount of threads being created about receiving unsolicited Premium SMS's, it is time to create a single thread for discussion (so as to keep it all in one place, the topic has been much the same in the separate threads).

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There's more information about Premium rate SMS at Vodafone's Premium TXT page.

I've been dealing with one of these premium sms scams today.

I spoke to my provider, Optus, and they referred me to a company called M block. I feel sorry for anyone who gets these premium sms'. I understand telcos provide you with a "credit" account on postpaid mobile services, but I thought it would be reasonable to expect that the only thing on my bill would be charges incurred directly with my provider and would not expect them to pay a third party and slap it on with my bill.

It turns out that M block is only directing the sms' or sending them which means they aren't responsible for the refund. I didn't subscribe for .50 horoscope messages that come daily. Optus said they couldn't block it for me because its a third party provider. Thats what a credit card is for or even better a debit card.

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It's a personal choice, but once that gives me peace of mind. You should call the service provider and ask them to remove you, and also issue you a refund for a service that you didn't request.

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