Maintain friendships while dating

Some of my best friends moved away and 2-3 times a year we all rent a lake house and travel in to hang out for a weekend.

I have friends that visit from out of town and crash at my place or just meet up for a drink or two.

They may love and trust you, but chemistry and sex are mysterious and powerful forces.

I wondered if there was a connection between this profile statement and her difficulty, so I asked her about it. “You tell your potential new loves that you have ongoing relationships with your ex-loves and that you insist on seeing them? Because she is a good “breaker-upper” the men don’t hate her and they quickly move to the friendship stage. The issue isn’t the old relationships and whether those friendships are wrong. If you’ve been intimate with a person, even if it was years ago, there is some kind of connection between you.

I have cultivated these friendships over a lifetime of doing interesting things and getting involved in different hobbies.

Most of my closest friends I have known since I was a kid and I still hang out with them and see them often.

The topic of my friends always comes up in my dating life so it's something I'm used to talking about with potential partners. I have board gaming friends, disc golf friends, sports friends, trivia friends, video gaming friends, wrestling friends, childhood friends, work friends, and on and on.

Some of these groups overlap but suffice it to say that I have a very full life.

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