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Girl Groups Night, which saw Backstreet Boy and former runner-up Nick Carter join the show as a guest judge.

“Brandy [Norwood] and I didn’t make the final [in season 11] when I thought she was one of the best dancers that season, but [that] wasn’t as shocking as this,” Maksim added of seeing Heather go home on week six of fans flocked to social media to make it known that they were pretty angry to see Morris eliminated from the show so soon, even though she and Maksim received a score of 40 out of 40 for their rumba to TLC’S “Waterfalls.” “THIS SHOW IS RIGGED.

I don't know who he is going to marry but I told him I'm going to be a bridesmaid," she said."She basically invited herself to my wedding," Maks added.“I went through a lot of different options, but the main dress where I’m going to be walking down to the ceremony, it’s big,” the pro dancer shared in a new interview about her wedding look.

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They FINALLY give Sasha a ringer…still manage to give Maks an even bigger ringer.

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"Derek Hough has been very supportive of his personal career on the show.

However, Brandy said she isn't very close to that potential big day."My dating world sucks right now," she said.

Although he isn't currently engaged, Brandy said that he's been so important to her that when Maks does finally decide to get married, she will most definitely be there."I am going to sing at his wedding.

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