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It's one of my greatest joys to tell clients that their worries are totally normal and that I have had similar experiences - I love hearing and feeling their relief pouring down the phone line.7) Avoid stimulants When some people are nervous they drink more coffee, or smoke more cigarettes, or drink more cola or energy drinks - and then wonder why their tremors are off the Richter scale.If you're feeling edgy you need to limit stimulants, and also should eat well and regularly to avoid blood sugar crashes that can make you feel shaky.I started working with a new coaching client the other day.I'd already been following the twists and turns of her life saga for about a year, via excited emails she'd been sending me ever since reading my book "As you know, I've made all kinds of wonderful changes in my life," she told me over the phone, "I left a job I couldn't stand, sold my house and bought a new one in a great new community where I have lots of friends, and I finally have the time and money to pursue my big dream.If I'm particularly stressed or anxious I'll do the one that's geared to produce evening relaxation, lots of calm gentle stretches and poses.The combination of breathing and stretching calm the nervous system and help you relax.Here are some key tips to manage those jitters:1) Write down what you're anxious about What are you most afraid of? Now look at them, and ask yourself what the probability is that any of this would happen? Chances are none of these bad things will come about, and if you've written this in a journal with the day's date, you'll look back months or years later and smile thinking how everything turned out just fine. This is a great reference to have for future anxieties.

This was my big dream showing up in full regalia, but there was one minor problem: I'd never given a speech before.If there's an unfriendly person you know who you don't like spending time with, you'll feel anxious before seeing them.If you're like me, you might experience high anxiety when a plane goes through bad turbulence and feels like it might crash at any moment.It also gets you out of your worried monkey mind and into your body, which can be a great relief.4) Exercise regularly Do some form of exercise every day.Walks are really great for calming an anxious mind and blowing off steam.

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I have no family, i lost my brother last July he was the last of my family, now selling my business seems to me another loss.

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