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Due to the fact that Scotty is the winner of the tenth American Idol he has been rumored to have other girlfriends, but h denies these rumors.

There was an existing opinion that Scotty Mc Creery girlfriend is his runner-up Lauren Alaina, but he has clearly stated that this is not true and they are only good friends.

Moreover the fact that Scotty Mc Creery girlfriend exists also takes a lot of his time to be with her.

Even though he has a lot to do, Scotty does not get away from his social life and he wants to spend time with his friend also, because it is important in his life, because he is still very young and has all of his life in front of him, he is only nineteen years old.

So Scotty has a lot going on in his life and in his age he is really busy.

Last fall, Scotty Mc Creery announced his engagement to childhood sweetheart Gabi Dugal. Luckily, we were walking around the mall one day, and what she picked out was gold, instead of white gold, so I’m glad I took her to the mall to look at rings, and I think it’s perfect for what she wanted.” Got down on one knee? Smooth, we were on a cliff, in between two rocks, and it wasn’t working, but she let me try again, and I found a flat spot.” Is Scotty involved in wedding planning?

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