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In 20 minutes he'd farewelled the wife and was on the road, approaching Davo's place with a carton of amber fluid in the boot.He noticed that Rob's car was in the driveway, and Jeff's motorbike was on the lawn.It was sometimes good when they went out, he and the wife would have naked romping sex all over the house. "Come and watch the game at my place, a few of the old team are getting together for a few drinks and a laugh." It was his buddy Davo whom he hadn't seen in about 3 weeks.Fuck, who did he think he was kidding, it must have been two years since the bitch even tried to suck him off, and practically every approach he made to plough her field, she'd tell him she had her period or some bullshit excuse. Davo was one of the guys that he went camping with sometimes, and a night at his place with the fellas sure sounded like a rescue from an otherwise boring night.

They were camping up in the forest on the outskirts of town, and it ended up in a drunken fucking circle jerk. It had been a horny time, best cumload he'd spurted out in months.

John was spending another Saturday at home doing the chores, looking after the house for the wife and kids.

Kids who took off every chance they got, being sure to ask for some spending money before they went.

" As he said the word "Now", Davo pressed "Play" on the VCR and the screen flickered to life with his favourite stick movie.

There was a move toward the bathroom for fresh beers, then one by one the guys took seats and watched the action on the screen.

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Nah, that kind of shit only happens once in a lifetime, when everyone feels horny and things just develop in a weird kind of group dynamic.

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