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The conditions of life under these circumstances are nothing short of tragic.

Homeless youth struggle day and night to find food and shelter.

Right to health The number of health problems affecting Mongolia’s adolescents is on the rise.

The principal problems include stress, depression, anomie and accelerating addiction to tobacco and drugs.

It is still largely accepted and administered by teachers – with the tacit approval of parents.

Its harmful physical and psychological consequences weigh heavily upon its victims throughout their lives.

Consequently, the country has one of the world’s highest rates of both child and adult suicides.

Education Mongolia has striven to improve the spread and quality of the education its children receive.

The means of prevention, information and aid for adolescents in difficulty are insufficient in both urban and isolated rural areas.Mongolia has the lowest population density of any country, with most of its vast area being undeveloped and even insufficiently mapped.It is a country where children are not the most unfortunate, compared to those in other nations; nevertheless, the situation of Mongolian children living on the streets is cause for mounting concern, as is the plight of those leading a nomadic life.Organized criminals profit from their precarious situation, with countless children ending up as victims of the drug- and sex-trade and trafficking.Children trapped in criminal nets are remorselessly exploited, abused both economically and sexually, and face daunting future prospects that are uniformly bleak, if not nonexistent.

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