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But my rights to find another publisher were not immediately returned to me as is usually the case in such situations and is also the normal industry practice.Warner Books wanted to co-operate in the strategy of making The Iceman Inheritance totally unavailable to buyers and readers.There were some experts who disagreed with the theory, of course, but two observations were hard to shrug off.First, every single modern political boundary on earth has been drawn or dictated by Caucasians.

Warnings by Jewish anthropologists and complaints by Jewish pressure groups caused Warner Books to drop the book almost instantly, in breach of contract.

But because of the stir caused by the approximately 200,000 Warner Books paperbacks that had been sold by 1981, the publics growing demand for the book was much greater than the supply.

This encouraged the production of at least four pirate editions based on Xerox copies of the Warner Books paperback and one pirate edition based on the original Canadian hardcover.

see the many articles and Hot Air and Ancient Wonders on this Site.

Although Canadians swear by Jewisons so-called integrity and his encouragement of Canadian creators, none of this applied to me when I appealed politely in several letters to these noble qualities supposedly possessed by Norman Jewison.

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But I investigated the circumstances of these deaths out of my own dangerous sense of curiosity (like the research leading to The Iceman Inheritance). I managed to get that case re-opened again as a possible homicide and to have investigations into the two other deaths re-opened as well.

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