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There's also a chance that the music only reminds one of ominous Latin chanting, opting to use "ooh", "aah", "ooo", and the like.

Indeed, the lyrics don't need to mean anything; for the majority of the audience, Ominous Latin-Sounding Gibberish works just as well. Often a part of Orchestral Bombing and Religious Horror. See also Black Speech for the ear shattering version.

And then there's the music with which Latin is often associated — for example, the unique sounds of the Gregorian chant — which can sound decidedly sombre, even spooky to a modern ear.

Latin choirs also have those distinctive "ooh", "aah", "ooo" and "-us" sounds, ascending theatrically and descending dramatically.

So whenever you hear a choir singing powerfully in Latin, especially with Orchestral Bombing, it means that this is even when it's not.

This trope is extremely common in movie trailers and the climax of devastating final battles; Hollywood will tell you that nothing can dictate "watch this movie" or "Grand Finale and the End of the World" more than potent choir chants in a language most viewers don't know, and that is the way to give a scene that extra bit of ominous importance. They could be singing Latin nursery rhymes or reading from a Roman phone book for all we know, or even Dog Latin or complete gibberish; it's the , whose lyrics are genuinely ominous.

Martha Kelner, one of the few female sports reporters working for the national papers investigated why sexism is still alive and kicking on and off the pitch.

Plenty of the examples that follow have earned places on the Awesome Music page in case you feel like listening to them.My dad and sister were at the game and went home and told my mum, she phoned the police, but nothing was done.” It was more than 20 years ago that an unnamed female physiotherapist wrote a letter to then-Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson asking for work experience at the club.His now well-documented rejection note read: “Most of the players felt that football was very much a male sport and did not really like the thought of females being involved with the treatment of sports injuries within the training complex.” When the letter surfaced in 2011, Manchester United said it would never happen again.“The entire lot of them, it seemed, were singing to the tune of ‘She’s a jolly good fellow’, but the words were ‘You’re never going to believe it, you’re never going to believe it, she takes it up the arse’.It was intimidating – I wanted the ground to swallow me up.

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