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As A First Timer To Kayaking, I LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE �. The Water Was Nice And Beautiful, Definitely Worth The Money.Can’t Wait To Come Back To Florida And Do This Again. Keep Up The Great Work Literally can't say enough good things about Rock Springs/tour in general.Austin was so knowledgeable about the waters and shared information about the different parts. Even though my partners and I may have had some issues aka getting stuck on tree branches or running into a tree hahah 😂 he would come back and help us and we never felt like we were being burdens on the group.The scenery was breath taking and amazing to take it!!! We learned a lot about the environment and the gorgeous rock springs!I finally get my knee on the ground, of course she says yes, and I can finally share the story of my planning nightmare with my best friend, now fiancé.We all got a good laugh and we were able to make it back to base safe and sound. Just got back from doing this and the weather was just perfect, water was crystal clear, and enjoying the group who I went with.One of the best compliments to our clear kayaks are the crystal clear springs located in right here in Central Florida.Take a paddle through Rock Springs in Apopka for a clearly different experience and an adventure that your friends will certainly envy (if they aren’t paddling with you)!

Penny, our guide was amazing, she took photos of us all along our trip, planned the perfect stopping point along our tour and had the code word ready(“this spot was the bees-knees” get it!? Whelp in perfect shape for my luck for this day, my bloodsugar starts to crash about halfway into the paddle.I was encouraging everyone to add this to their trip!!!!!! This was only my second time kayaking in my life and now I can’t wait to come back and do it again! The water and scenery were gorgeous and it was such a wonderful adventure! My cousins and I went to the Rock Springs tour on April 17. The weather was sort of chilly in such early morning, but the water was warmer than the air, which was a good thing.Saw a huge snapping turtle in the crystal clear water and had fun with the Go Pro. I really enjoyed our company- a group of friendly tourists from England.My friend and I did the Rock Springs trip with Austin, and it was great!Austin was friendly, a fabulous guide, very skilled, and he taught us quickly how to kayak.

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