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century, and contains depictions of the artist’s studio, as well as the self or others at work.

Seventy years after building its very first racing car, one of the world’s most iconic car brands is the subject of the Design Museum’s current show, Ferrari: Under the Skin (until April 15), which explores the history of the Italian brand and reveals the passion and drive of the man behind the machine.

Later in the year, Dorothea Lange / Vanessa Winship (June 22 – September 2) is a duo of exhibitions showcasing work by two documentary photographers.

American Depression-era photojournalist Dorothea Lange’s iconic photographs go on display in her first ever UK retrospective, Dorothea Lange: Politics of Seeing.

Lange’s era-defining images are complemented by work by British contemporary photographer Vanessa Winship, 2011 winner of the Henri Cartier-Bresson prize.

Situated in the grounds of the infamous hospital, Bethlem Museum of the Mind cares for the hospital’s collection of archives, objects and art.

The cache of photos were finally shown to the public in 2007 at the Blue House in Coyoacan Mexico where Kahlo was born and raised and where she returned to live until her death in 1954.

The Blue House is now home to the Museo Frida Kahlo.

Everyday beliefs across different societies and religions are explored together with how people choose to honour their beliefs, regardless of what they may be.

At Chisenhale Gallery, the entire space is occupied by an immersive installation by London-based artist Paul Maheke (April 13 – June 10).

Maheke presents a new commission exploring appearance and disappearance, and incorporates sculpture, video projection, murals and live performance.

The exhibition also how we are predisposed to faith in supreme beings, the comfort we get from the structure these beliefs impart on our lives and the way we build relationships with likeminded people.

Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece (April 26 – July 29) explores how French master sculptor Rodin was inspired by Greek classical sculptures from the Parthenon, during a visit to the British Museum in 1881.

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The exhibition focuses on his versatility as an artist, to create both commercial design work and fine art depicting a terrific range of subject matter – from war art to architecture and gardens.

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