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In the end, I decided the best course of action was to give something, even if in doubt, and planned to get some food treats, when I received the following email: Dear parents, (School Name Removed) will celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week on Monday.

We would love to be able to give all 14 teachers a monetary gift to show our appreciation.

I would love to hear thoughts on how to best show appreciation to my children’s teachers, and whether daycare employees are teachers too.

Is food really the way to the heart, or should I expand my horizons?

I’m not sure how wide-spread Teacher Appreciation Week is, but that time has arrived here in the United States.

I am absolutely in favor of showing teachers they are loved and respected, but I always get apprehensive when the time comes to send gifts (if desired.

The bride then had to write a response hoping not to offend anyone but that only the children of interstate guests and the bridal party were invited due to high travel and accommodation costs at that time of year.

The time of year and the cost involved vs my relationship with the couple were big factors.

Please leave cash or checks in the designated folder at the sign in table or if Venmo if more convenient. I’m not sure it is appropriate for someone who runs a daycare to request money for their employees.

Also, while it does indeed solve my gift conundrum, my contribution would be lost amongst everyone else’s.

1117-17 It can be controversial as to the appropriateness of tracking down missing RSVPs.

You shouldn’t have to track down invited guests who did not RSVP.

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E-hell has taught me an invitation is not a summons.

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