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Yes, I work with data and mostly create graphics with code.

But at heart I'm a pen-and-ink gal, and a little illustrated flourish—like a charming Pilgrim hat decorating an otherwise dry chart on Thanksgiving travel—can be just as engaging as the graphic itself.

Please, non-denominational gift fairy, help me make bar charts fun.

When I want to relax on vacation days I tend to blast music and cook meals that use all four burners.

Esto es un problema porque eso obliga padres y profesores a confiar en los estudiantes y también porque obliga a estudiantes tener paz en estresante potencial ambiente.

A veces estudiantes bilingües han sido preguntados que si le pueden traducir a los padres de alguien más.

(Warning: if your hands aren't big enough to grip a basketball one-handed, you might find the sandwich-sized Glo a bit more comfortable than its extra-wide cousin.) 0-169 Speaking of books...there's no subject weirder or more fascinating in the scientific non-fiction genre than the inner workings of the human brain.The bluetooth speaker mounts right on my handlebars so I can rock out to my favorite tunes on my way to anywhere.It's weatherproof, shockproof, and hopefully NYC-taxi-taking-a-left-turn-without-using-a-turn-signal-proof, too.N/A The bicycle is already the most efficient means of self-powered transportation in the world, but this holiday season it's getting even better. Not yet announced writer Megan Amram's new book is a hilarious take on the women's magazines you see by the checkout line at the grocery story.The 4 Strike Bike's double drive train lets you pedal with your hands AND your feet simultaneously. But instead of boring ab workouts and terrible dating advice, the content is a commentary on gender stereotypes and inequality in the field of science. A subscription to ad-replacement service Google Contributor, so I don't have to be creeped out about how much Google knows about me..everything I've ever searched for on the interwebz.

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$250 serials behind my textbook in class (Sorry Mr. ), there's still something romantic to me about paperback fiction.

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