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Apparently, some think that we are not well adjusted and are difficult to deal with. I have facts about me, my parents and my two grandmothers. You don't need to be all up in our business all the time. Treat us well, make sweet love to us on the reg and just chiiiiiiiiiiiiiill. As long as you stay faithful we don't need to be around each other all the time. I bet there were even more depending on how many siblings your significant other had. I don't have a brother who is a sophomore at Duke and almost got kicked out because he flashed his Lit professor.Here are 11 reasons you should always date only children:1.You’ll have more space than you know what to do with.The people who I choose to spend time with are truly valuable to me, so if we’re dating, you never have to kid yourself that you’re the only one for me.I have recently found out that people have a preconceived notion about only children. I cannot speak for all only children out there, but statistically speaking I feel like there is a big chance that one of us is not very well adjusted and is difficult to deal with. And it also means that you might just be missing out on some great lovin' by not giving only children a fair shot. I also don't have a sister who is taking a break from Vassar in order to pursue a lucrative modeling deal in Paris. So here is a list of all reason why you should be dating an only child as soon as you can.I not only get it, I preach it." data-reactid="33"1.Moving in with me will cause zero changes to your scheduled you-time, trust me. I’ll usually want to go out and do things over staying at home.

I will always support getting a pet (or just become obsessed with yours).

When you’re so dependent on yourself for entertainment, you’ll probably dabble in every form of creative activity or solo sport at least once.

And if I haven’t already tried bouldering or drunk watercoloring, I will indulge you and try it because trying and not liking something is always better than skull-numbing boredom." data-reactid="80"7.

I’ve used the “I need a dog because I don’t have a sibling” argument so much as a kid that I still view pets as the 7.

I have so many hobbies that we’re bound to overlap somewhere.

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Since my family only had me to shop for, I’m used to getting thoughtful gifts and knowing how great it is to get presents that feel oddly specific to you.

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