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Even though Oracle licensing agreements allow Oracle corporation to perform license audits, most Oracle shops are honor-bound to pay for the databases according to their license agreement.Don't pay for more Oracle licenses than you need There's an interesting February 2004 article over on the IT Manager's Journal about Oracle licensing and support, suggesting that many shops are paying for more licenses than they use.That means 4 Quad-Core CPUs (16 cores) would equal 16 * 0.75 = 12 licenses.You would purchase 12 EE licenses to cover the server, and then purchase 12 licenses of whatever add-ons or management packs you might be using.This literature review is a collection of information from Oracle and news sources on 23 August 2005.The license rules change frequently (as a result of the quickly-changing hardware), so this August 2005 survey may not apply to your special cases.The secondary site where your Active Data Guard is being replicated is missing.

The same CPU setup would only require 8 licenses in that case.You agree to cooperate with Oracle's audit and provide reasonable assistance and access to information.You agree to pay within 30 days of written notification any fees applicable to your use of the programs in excess of your license rights.The technique boosts performance of a machine, while keeping the heat generation down, although two cores do not double the performance.For the purpose of counting the number of processors which require licensing, a multicore chip with "n" cores shall be determined by multiplying "n" cores by a factor of .75.

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