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For men, singular or multiple blisters will appear on the scrotum, head, foreskin or shaft of the penis.There may also be penile discharge and pain in “passing water”.Statistically, approximately 80% of the infected individuals will suffer from a recurrent (secondary) outbreak within the first 6 months of the first episode.

Many times the partner who carries the virus is not even aware of an outbreak.

Medical doctors are still unclear why or how does the herpes virus decide when to reactivate but some studies have shown that certain factors such as trauma to the skin or various form of stress are possible triggers.

Common herpes outbreak triggers include: Researchers have also found that foods or diets that are high in L-arginine, an amino acid can also aggravate the herpes simplex virus.

In most cases, however, close examination may reveal a history of some of the symptoms listed previously.

Inoculation (transmission) and autoinoculation (self-infection) of Genital Herpes occurs primarily through vigorous intercourse, masturbation, anal sex, and oral sex with an infected member.

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During this stage, the herpes virus is the most infectious.

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