Polycom stuck on updating initial configuration

For starters, might as well get the extension configured in Asterisk.As usual, three files to change: extensions.conf, and (By the way, I tried leaving out some of the XML config files, and Weird Things Happened(tm).I think the default files need to be there originally for proper functionality, even if they’re not customized.) All the prelim work is done now, so assemble and power up your Poly Com 501, and be ready to hit buttons as soon as you apply power. In most cases, you will leave the DHCP Client field Enabled and just let it grab an IP off the wire.As of firmware, the Grandstreams are a decent phone, easy and quick to configure, but they have a horrible echo in the speakerphone for the remote party.A firmware fix for this was promised in October 2005, but I decided to not wait and get some Polycom 501 phones as well, as Polycom phones are legendary for being excellent speakerphones, and the 501 model was their lowest priced speakerphone model.About the Polycom 501 If you’re reading this to see how good certain phones are with Asterisk, let me tell you that the Polycom 501 has excellent features, but is a pain to configure and very tempermental.

These instructions apply to the 501 models, but I believe they would adapt well to other Polycom models.Some other points which might be important to you are that the GXP-2000 boots up much faster than the 501 (50 seconds for the GXP-2000, three minutes for the 501) and the 501 is very sensitive to power failures during bootup.If there is a power loss during the “Updating initial configuration…” phase, the config file that is written to the local flash will become corrupt and the the phone will be locked in an eternal boot cycle.The relevant options for Asterisk configuration are buried fairly deep on the console, and the big problem with the web interface is that it takes at least an extra minute to become available even AFTER the phone is up and running.And, of course, every time you make ANY change in ANY section of the web interface and click “Submit,” it has to do a soft boot….. It makes the XML/TFTP configuration option look pretty good, even for just a few phones.

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