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The Bible also uses military terms to describe being strong in the Lord by putting on the whole armor of God (Ephesians -20), including the tools of the soldier—helmet, shield, and sword.Yes, the Bible does address serving in the military, directly and indirectly.The common interest will help make dating easier and more effective.Over the years, Military Friends has experienced tremendous success in bringing military singles and their admirers together.Under David, Israel also became more aggressive in its offensive military policies, absorbing neighboring states like Ammon (2 Samuel 11:1; 1 Chronicles 20:1-3).David established a system of rotating troops with twelve groups of 24,000 men serving one month of the year (1 Chronicles 27).

The standing army continued (though divided along with the kingdom after the death of Solomon) until 586 B.C., when Israel (Judah) ceased to exist as a political entity.In the New Testament, Jesus marveled when a Roman centurion (an officer in charge of one hundred soldiers) approached Him.The development of a regular standing army in Israel came only after a strong, centralized political system had been developed by Saul, David, and Solomon.Saul was the first to form a permanent army (1 Samuel 13:2; 24:2; 26:2). He increased the army, brought in hired troops from other regions who were loyal to him alone (2 Samuel -22) and turned over the direct leadership of his armies to a commander-in-chief, Joab.

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