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These results suggest that stimulus features necessary to evoke genital arousal are much less specific in women than in men.” Related content: Discoblog: NCBI ROFL: Whale ménage à trois: now with 1,000-kg testes!Discoblog: NCBI ROFL: What kind of erotic film clips should we use in female sex research? Discoblog: NCBI ROFL: When love makes you blind…literally. NCBI ROFL is the brainchild of two Molecular and Cell Biology graduate students at UC Berkeley and features real research articles from the Pub Med database (which is housed by the National Center for Biotechnology information, aka NCBI) that they find amusing (ROFL is a commonly-used internet acronym for "rolling on the floor, laughing").

It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.Autobiographies, whether a book like (by, about, and starring Louis C. However, decision-makers such as agents, executives, and publishers typically do not want to invest in an autobiography unless it meets at least one of two standards: You may have an unusual, amazing life story.But if it is not also timely and relevant to what’s happening in our culture, decision-makers are unlikely to want to invest.Movies need to have a simple, clear story that maximizes visual interest.This often requires making significant adjustments to the actual events of your life.

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