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The Hammond was smashed to smithereens and I was cut to ribbons.

I was mopping the blood from my face when a journalist came over.

Tales From Topographic Oceans, our grandiose 1973 album, was regarded by fans and critics alike as our most 'challenging' and I was really struggling with the tour.' 'That would be great, if you don't mind,' I said.'You know we're back on in about ten minutes, right? When we got the call to go back on stage, I navigated my way over to the keyboards and Bob was still there, surrounded by the innards of a Minimoog. 'Bob, Bob, we're about to start,' I hissed, but he was completely distracted.The grandiose elements of Yes were spiralling out of all control and the stage set was unbelievable.It had been designed by Roger Dean, who had done the album cover, and reflected the record's artwork.

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