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At this point, we just quickly knocked up a POJO with the attributes that we wanted to capture - the Strings that we match on are the node names from the ATOM RSS feed (that Blogger uses) - if you are using another feed, just have a quick look at the feed and update the node names appropriately. Once that parser has run through (and you could use that code standalone in any java app really) then you will have a list of Java objects that have the core details about the latest blog posts on the feed (title, author, datecreated, content, etc) - So now lets look at using it in an Android app.

We will assume a basic understanding of the Android SDK and the concept of Fragments, so won't go back to basics with that stuff.

I love programming and often I am working on projects in Java, PHP, AJAX etc.

A few months ago, I set up a few Craigslist search feeds inside my Feedly. If I remove the old feed an resubscribe, the feed still contains the old data. Current RSS feed for "gas grill" Most recent post: March 8 2018 Current screen in Feedly Most recent post: Oct 5 2017 This is Petr from Feedly.

So feel free to go grab that from Git Hub before continuing.

This is of course if you have this sort of app installed and running. Originally Posted by rumz82 Do you have greenify running at all?

We are still in attempts to resolve this with Craigslist directly at the moment, unfortunately, they are a very difficult entity to communicate with.

What happens is that we have to poll for new articles to their servers and since there are so many users of Feedly and so many requests for their servers, they blacklist us or limit the request we can ask per hour, day etc.

So to get started we will look at parsing the feed - if you have any experience parsing XML using SAX in Java then you will know how easy this is.

All we need to do is to tell the parser which XML nodes we care about, and what to do with them.

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