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The following day, Eric took Nicole out for Hibachi and a movie, Pixar Planes (Eric knew the way to Nicole's heart was through animated films).After several weeks of texting and spending time together, Eric and Nicole changed their relationship status on Facebook- a huge step in any relationship.Christina is energetic and charismatic, making her the perfect maid of honor- she is great at getting (and keeping) the party started!Speaking of parties, she's the mastermind behind the bridal shower, so get ready for a great time!

Additionally, Lauren's hard work and determination has been inspirational, as she is proving that goals can be reached. Erin's family, large like Nicole's became close, especially after the two were on the same softball team.Eric and Nicole started dating after Nicole's twin sister, Elizabeth meddled in the relationship.Elizabeth would invite Eric over and constantly discuss "the love in his eyes." She went as far as to threaten Nicole, insisting a date take place.The first "date" Nicole and Eric involved watching the music ensemble's performance on DVD, after Eric missed the show for a lacrosse game.That was the beginning of a relationship that would soon blossom into something very special.

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Rachel is great at identifying what's "in", answering copious amounts of Facebook messages about dresses, cakes, and flowers, and ensuring Nicole splurges on the things that will make the wedding great!

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