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Connections were identified not only in the tools used, but also the distributed infrastructure, one-time-use components in the attack toolkit of the group and specific withdrawal schemes – using unique accounts for each transaction.Another distinct feature of this group is that they stick around after the event, continuing to spy on a number of impacted banks and sending corporate emails and other documents to Yandex and free email services in the [email protected] component of this modular program performs a certain action: searches for payment orders and modifies them, replaces original payment details with fraudulent ones, and then erases traces.The success of replacement is due to the fact that at this stage the payment order has not yet been signed, which will occur after payment details are replaced.

In total, Group-IB has confirmed 20 companies as Money Taker victims, with 16 attacks on US organizations, 3 attacks on Russian banks and 1 in the UK.

Group-IB specialists expect new thefts in the near future and in order to reduce this risk, Group-IB would like to contribute our report identifying hacker tools, techniques as well as indicators of compromise we attribute to Money Taker operations".

The first attack in the US that Group-IB attributes to this group was conducted in the spring of 2016: money was stolen from the bank by gaining access to First Data’s "STAR" network operator portal.

The latter was used to deliver Point-of-Sale (POS) malware dubbed Scan POS.

By analyzing the attack infrastructure, Group-IB identified that they group continuously exfiltrates internal banking documentation to learn about bank operations in preparation for future attacks.

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To circumvent antivirus and automated sample analysis, hackers again used 'security measures': they implemented the anti-emulation function in the timer code.

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