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She spent the summer prior to the series at band camp, where she met drummer Ricky Underwood and lost her virginity to him not realizing it after 2 seconds.

Amy and Ricky later have an altercation when Ricky asks for more time with John and equal custody.

Amy and Ben break off their relationship shortly after the new school year starts.

Amy soon meets Jimmy, her mother's high school boyfriend's son, on a trip to visit Mimsy, her grandmother, and really likes him.

The party that Ricky was throwing for John is later rained out and after learning of Amy's deceit, Ricky decides that John should have a party with just them, and allow Amy to spend the night as friends.

Ben sees this and becomes jealous, but realizes that Ricky and Amy are John's parents so he calls Amy in order to reveal his feelings for her, and apologizes for his actions.

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She tells her two best friends, Lauren Treacy and Madison Cooperstein, who accidentally spread the news around school.

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