Sccm direct membership collection not updating

You can create a device collection based on what OS the device is running, different manufacturer like HP, Dell or Fujitsu and even what kind of mouse they have plugged in.The limitation for what criteria you base you device collection comes down to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) and its query language WQL but more on that in a later post.Are you using query based or direct membership rule?

Name standards are different from environment to environment but in this example i´m using the followings standard for my Service desk computers SDXXX (XXX = numbers) and we can use wildcards and WQL operators so for me to get all the SD computers i will just write SD% and click “next” At the next page you will see all the resources that matches your search from the previous page.Please help, any help would be greatly appreciated !"The reason for deletion in the first place is, when I deployed an application on this machine it never came, so, thought of deleting and adding again." - you could've simply removed the machine from the collection rather deletion which deletes from sccm database itself.As you can see we have 4 different computers here and I want them all so I will click “Select All” and click “next” Click next on the “Summary” and “Progress” page and hopefully you will see the following result: After you have clicked “closed” you will come back to the this page and just click “next” until you are finished with this wizard.Incremental updates and schedule full updates is not really important when using “direct rule” but more about those topics later when we talk about “Query rule” Depending on how many resources you added it can take some time for the device collection to update, but generally when it’s below a few hundred it will only take 10 seconds or so but you have to switch view and go back in to the location of the device collection for the visual member count to update.

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